Introducing Life Reset Course:

Proven Methods to Recover From Reality!

"This is Alexis Neiers calling", letting YOU know that,
"NOW is the time to do the work!"

No matter your current reality, you can reset and level-up your life, using the same principles, tools and strategies that we have used to shift from overwhelming obstacles, to the beautiful lives we live today!

The Life Reset Course: How to Recover from    Reality will show you the way!

My Mom and I are survivors of the entertainment industry, drug abuse, eating disorders, physical  violence, and childhood sexual trauma. In order to inspire and help launch others to create the life they dream of, we created this course empower others to activate their own journey of deeply profound transformation. 

We created this course empower others to activate their own deeply profound transformation. 

At the end of the day, you can be anything you want when you have the right tools and mindset!

Life Reset is not a destination, it’s an exciting life long journey of discovering who you truly are and what you're truly capable of. By doing this work and regularly using these tools you will be able to navigate the world with new found commitment, confidence, self- love and a sense of well-being.

You will have activated a self-correcting upward spiral that lifts you and shifts you in a way that allows you to feel your own wholeness, and ability to show up for yourself in a new way, more fulfilled, connected to your soul, empowered and authentic. That is what Life Reset Course is all about.

We've teamed up together and created this course to provide you with the exact same tools to heal that we have used over the years, to heal ourselves.

The key to personal freedom is in this work. These tools have allowed us to create the big and beautiful lives we have today, and now we want to help you do the same!

Course Preview

"Signing up for the Recovering from Reality, “Life Reset Course” was one of the best decisions I have made. This course has helped me to look at myself on a deeper level in order to be the best version of myself I can be.~Clarissa

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Your membership is for 12-months and your credit card on file will be billed monthly for 12 consecutive months upon signing up.

If you're concerned about fitting this into your schedule:

No worries! This Life Reset Course is designed for you to go at the pace that feels right for you. That is why it is a 12-month membership

If you are concerned that it's too much of a financial commitment:

Know that when you invest in yourself, you increase your happiness, your value in the world and to those around you

How frequent are the Live Calls with Alexis and Andrea?

Currently they are weekly.

Do you offer private coaching sessions or one on one's?

Yes we do! Although, at this time Alexis is not taking private sessions, Andrea is. She is a certified ICF, Life Coach. She does offer a coaching program for anyone who's interested - no LRC membership is required. For more information you can visit her website, here

Can I cancel anytime?

A Life Reset course member may cancel their membership within the first 72 hours of enrollment for a $50 cancellation fee. After 72 hours the fee to cancel is the remaining cost of their membership agreement. 

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All purchases are final sale and refunds are not provided for previous months on the Pathway regardless of whether the student has logged in to view the content. 

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If you enroll in the Lifetime Access LRC membership within 1 month of your 12 Month Pathway Membership, we will honor a full refund of your payment made on day of enrollment.

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Mental Health Disclaimer: If you have a pre-existing mental health condition, we recommend you start this work with the supervision of a doctor or therapist as this work can be emotionally intense.

About Alexis

Alexis Haines hosts the raw and resonant podcast Recovering from Reality, a platform for people who would rather wake the fuck up rather than have more “fun problems”. Inspired by her public journey from reality TV sensation and heroin addiction to sobriety, motherhood, and wellness, Alexis is living proof that you can heal yourself - and that hot and woke aren’t mutually exclusive.

Now a mother, doula, wife, author, and mental health advocate, this former wild child and forever valley girl knows that whatever your struggle looks like, you are worth the journey back to wholeness. Alexis got sober at nineteen years old after facing up to six years in the correctional system due to a burglary conviction as a member of the notorious “Bling Ring.”

As the star of the E! Reality series Pretty Wild, Alexis became a media sensation after her public meltdown became a viral meme. Her firsthand experience with substance abuse combined with the explosive effects of social media storytelling turned her rock bottom into a reinvention tour; igniting a movement to eradicate shame around the stories that inevitably save us - if we are brave enough to share them with others.

Andrea’s Story

I am the mother of two girls who were IV heroin users and who now have 10 years and almost 8 years of recovery. I lost my 17-year old brother Ben who was an IV drug user when I was 21 and am the former wife of men who suffered from both behavior and Substance-Use-Disorder, (SUD).

Like so many family members who love someone struggling with SUD, I struggled for decades to rescue, fix and control all of them. And instead of contributing to their recovery, I enabled and alienated them. I yelled and screamed, shamed, blamed and threatened. I was overwhelmed, lost, ashamed and filled with fear morning, noon and night. Basically, I went crazy and ended up pushing them and everyone else in my life away, when all I really wanted was to hold them close and wake up from the nightmare. 

 We lost everything and it was all caught on film on the E! Entertainment reality show "Pretty Wild" as our family was slaughtered in the Media because of my daughters alleged involvement with the Bling Ring burglaries.

I was clueless about addiction and co-dependency back then. But not anymore, now I understand.

Ironically, my experiences with addiction, self medicating and co-dependance have led me to a very fulfilling career as a family recovery and relationship coach. In all of my life, nothing has been more devastating than losing my brother and then having a children addicted to heroin and not knowing how to help them get well. Perhaps like me, you have NO CLUE how to get your life back, after experiencing your own painful experiences. Will you find your inner peace, and breathe easy again? You can recover your life and become the person you are meant to be, NOW. I did and so can you.

Despite the insanity, the mental and emotional trauma, criminal activity, career loss, financial devastation and so much more, I promise you can recover and reset your life. I see it happen with my clients every day.

By joining NOW, you get to participate in our live weekly Q & A, ZOOM and participate with our amazing community!

We include the exact tools and strategies we used to re- create our own lives in, Life Reset Course.

At the end of the day, YOU can create the life of your dreams, when you have the right tools and mindset!

All the Best,

Alexis and Andrea